Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Shopcada. Follow the steps below before you launch your store.

This guide is divided into 2 sections:

  • Upload your products and select a theme
  • Configure your store

You website will be ready for launch after you have completed the guide on both sections.

Section 1: Upload Your Content

1. Define your product category

Create categories to place your products in so that visitors will be able to navigate your store to find what they want to buy easily.

2. Define your product collection

Create collections to group products in different categories to aid the buying experience, e.g. New Arrivals, Sale, Winter collection, For Bridesmaids etc.

3. Upload your products

Now you have got your product categories and collections planned, it is time to start uploading your products. When you upload your products, tag your product to the correct categories and collections (optional).

4. Select a theme

Though Shopcada default theme is modern and clean, you can go to the theme store to choose the theme that is best suited to your identity.

5. Upload banner

Now you have selected a theme, you will need to create and upload a banner for the home page.

6. Configure Navigation

You are almost done. Now it is the time to relook at the navigation menu to ensure that all the categories and collections are listed in the navigation menu of your store.

Section 2: Configure Your Store

1. Payment method

You need to setup at least 1 payment method to accept payment from customers. It can be either Paypal or accept payment via Bank Transfer.

2. Shipping charges

Configure your shipping charges rules. Be it free shipping or you want to charge the shipping charges according to the weight. Be sure to use our Sync feature if you are using SingPost rates. Don't type it yourself. It is tedious!

3. Invoice & email template

We have installed ready to go invoice and email templates for you but it doesn't harm if you take a look and make little adjustments that best suit your business. If you are busy and want to launch fast, it is safe to skip this step now.

4. Newsletter Integration

Want to send the sign up from the store to Mailchimp so that you can send out mass email? Sign up for a Mailchimp account now and configure your store to integrate with your mailchimp account.

5. Social Media Links

It is time for you to sign up for an account at various social media platforms, and link them to your store.

6. Google Analytics

Want to track the visitors at your website? Sign up for an Google Analytics account and configure it at your store.

Finally, before you launch, make sure you have purchased a domain name and link it to your store. Check out this Custom Domain Guide to learn how to buy a domain and point it your Shopcada store.