Tips and Tricks to build your own ecommerce websites

Must Haves Components On Your Ecommerce Platform

August 21, 2015,

A well-executed online platform stems from the technologies and features that bring together the entire ecommerce site. A person who chooses to start an ecommerce journey has to ensure that their site is fully equipped to meet the demands of their customers as well as to avoid inefficiency when running the online store. This can also apply to already establish online platforms that are looking to further improve their storefront and system. This is a comprehensive list as to what components the store is made up of in order to generate online sales.

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It Is Your Duty To Practise Safe Shopping Online

August 19, 2015,

The rewards of having the opportunity to shop from your bedroom are extensive. It is less time consuming, easy and convenient. But as we all know, the Internet can be a dangerous place and online shoppers have come across a few online threats because they were unaware or paid little attention to these practices listed below.

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Why We Think Subscription Boxes Are Fantastic As An E-Commerce Idea

August 17, 2015,

Beauty samples, party beverages and daily comforts are just a few items that could be shipped directly to someone’s doorstep every month. Everyone loves the little pleasures in life and the concept of monthly subscription boxes provides just that. This concept of selling a bundle of products delivered to one’s doorsteps on a recurring basis could possibly be the best thing that’s happening to e-commerce right now. We’re here to convince you why we think subscription box services are a fantastic way to generate revenue.

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Ecommerce Idea: Subscription Boxes

August 12, 2015,

If you are looking to start a new online venture you have come to the right place. Subscription box services are a fast growing market that guarantees revenue on a monthly, weekly or daily basis -depending on how you sell it. In Singapore, this method of product distribution –offering packages filled with retail products is not really talked about. The French Cellar and BlissyBox are one of the few subscription box service companies that exist in Singapore. If you do wish to tap into this line of retail, here are four things to consider.

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Could Tumblr Be An Option To Get More Traffic?

August 6, 2015,

When your current social media platforms are excelling with its ability to get the traffic you want and they probably have reached their peak potential, exploring other social websites is an ideal option to bring more traffic to your ecommerce store. A site to explore would be Tumblr. At first it seems like an unlikely option but do not let your unfamiliarity stop you from trying to reach the audience Tumblr already has. It is not a site most companies try to understand but any traffic is still traffic.  Read this post

3 Campaign Ideas For National Day 2015

August 4, 2015,

National Day is around the corner and it is going to be the biggest shopping event of the year; maybe even bigger than the Great Singapore Sale! Offices put their operations on hold for the long weekend granted as the nation celebrates 50 years of independence. With all this free time, without a doubt, people will want to go on a good splurge! 

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5 Reasons To Start Video Marketing

July 29, 2015,

Using moving visuals to sell your product, brand or service is a powerful yet undervalued strategy. Presumably time consuming; this tool is not taken advantage of by many companies. If left untapped, your competitors get a free pass to get ahead of you. To convince you to explore this strategy, here are a few reasons to start video marketing.

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Get Organized! How To Better Manage Your Inventory

July 28, 2015,

Getting organized will help smoothen the flow of your inventory management. There has to be a standardized system within your company for moving the goods in and out of your storage space. Regardless the size of your company or how much storage space you can afford right now, you have to think long-term for the movement and placement of physical goods that your company has.

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3 Ways To Make Your International Customers Feel Safe

July 24, 2015,

A daily foundation of a company should be to practice good communication towards their audience especially if your target market expands beyond your country’s borders. We’re talking about handling international consumers and making them feel safe when buying from you. Besides building a loyal consumer base, your store is representing your country when sales are taken globally. You have to make good impressions through your services. One of the most important factors that stand between the conversion of international orders is how reliable you are in the consumer’s eyes.

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10 Ways To Immediately Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

July 22, 2015,

Visitor traffic on your site looks good on paper but these big numbers are totally insignificant if substantial profit is not made. Besides the ultimate goal -turning visitors into buyers, these 10 aspects discussed in this article are influential ingredients to successfully convince a visitor to take action that will benefit your brand. These actions could come in the form of signing up for a newsletter, becoming a member or making a purchase.

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