Why You Should Not Frown Upon Negative Feedback

Sep 29, 2015

Receiving negative feedback from customers can be a blow on your ego. After all the hard work it took to avoid the negativity and trying to meet the expectations of every individual customer, it could just take one unsatisfied customer to throw a little shade your way and you will immediately feel this unwanted weight upon your shoulders. But, criticism should not always be taken to the heart. You will surprisingly find that receiving negative feedback is a blessing in disguise.

First of all, when you get thrown off balance by such upsetting comments about your product or service, you should never jump into conclusions. Some people get so affected by bad comments it affects their future work ethics all together. It is important to understand that the comment was intended for an action done at that time and was not meant as a personal attack on you as a person. Once you are able to accept this, it is easier for you to make positive changes.  

Negative feedback helps pave a clearer path as to what is expected of you as an employee or as a brand. If you receive negative feedback on the service, it could serve as a clearer outline as to what is expected from your role. If the feedback was for your product, use the comments as a way to improve and make necessary changes so that every customer is satisfied with the quality of your product.

Building greater bonds amongst coworkers happens when you take the negative and turn it into something positive. Consulting your boss or confiding in co-workers on the matter helps strengthen the relationship in the workplace. They will be able to understand you and help you learn from this mistake while at the same time, show you what improvements are necessary. Receiving negative feedback from an outside source makes members of the company stronger as a team.

Finally, negative feedback forces individuals to be open to change. To be successful as a person in the workforce or as an individual in life, everyone needs to be continuously growing and wanting to better themselves. A company can only flourish when everyone on board has the same mindset. Like they say, there is no better way to learn than from our mistakes.