What You Need To Know About Pinterest Rich Pins

Sep 17, 2015

Pinterest is continuously expanding their functionality for businesses. These latest additions are reckoned to be vital for growth of companies on Pinterest. The introduction of Rich Pins makes a user's viewing experience more useful than simply just interesting to say at the least. 

Source: Pinterest Blog: Introducing More Useful Pins

What are Pinterest Rich Pins?

Rich Pins comprises of additional information within the Pin itself. It accommodates to Pins consisting of heavier content. In order to make the most out of the platform, some businesses need to provide in depth information to viewers as without it, their posts would be meaningless to the viewer who is unable to gain anything from it. The extra information seen on these pins are provided by the specific brands.  

Types of Rich Pins available

There are a total of 6 types of rich pins available on Pinterest
1. App Pins: Includes an install button so Pinners can download your application immediately off Pinterest.

2. Place Pins: Allows travellers to efficiently get information for their next trip as it includes the place’s address, location on the map and phone number

3. Article Pins: Pinners can directly read stories off Pinterest and it allowing them to save articles that interest them. This pin includes the headline, author and story description.

4. Product Pins: Enhances the shopping experience while making it easy for people to buy your products. The pin includes price of product, availability and product placement. Pinners can also be notified about product sales and discounts.

5. Recipe Pins: Provides step-by-step tutorials to making a dish. The pin includes ingredients, cooking time and serving information/

6. Movie Pins: Pinners can now browse for the next movie to watch. The pin includes ratings, cast members and reviews

For more information visit: Rich Pins

How does your business benefit?

1. Drives high percentages of traffic to your page

Rich pins are able to drive high percentages of traffic to your page. These pins encourage the discovery of new information making it possible to accelerate the amount of traffic flow coming into your page within a short period.

2. It is free  

Rich Pins is a way for businesses to advertise their products and services without the expense of going over budget. It should not be confused with Promoted Pins, as Rich Pins are free for businesses. Free marketing and advertising tools are a necessity for any small business that is looking to be launched to greater without having to blow excessively on promotional spending.

3. Creates engagement and encourage action to be taken

Forming an attachment to a brand is key to building loyal relationships. Brand engagement through Rich Pins happens when a person viewing the Pin is able to make sense of what they see and take the necessary action after. The usefulness of this installment encourages people to share what they’ve seen or even make an immediate purchase from you.

4. A way to get discovered

Millions of people login to view others’ pins. Engaging your brand on this platform assists in brand exposure. Useful Rich Pins further encourages the discovery process.   

5. Product focused

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest users do not use this platform as a way to communicate with their friends and families. Instead, they use this platform to engage with their favorite brands. Most retailers have better luck driving sales from Pinterest Rich Pins as its function is more product focused as compared to other social media platforms.