Part II: Could Tumblr Be An Option To Get More Traffic?

Sep 1, 2015

Tumblr is said to be a fast growing platform with over 300 million unique visitors per month. If used correctly, Tumblr has the potential for merchants to find and build an audience for their webstore. A brand that is looking to bring in more traffic might want to consider exploring this platform. Here is Part 2 in our two part series of using Tumblr as an option to get more traffic.

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Continuous and regular updates

The key to sustaining a loyal brand following is through constant communication and regular updates on your page. Some visitors make it a daily routine to check on their favorite Tumblr pages. If these active users take an interest to your page, they would want to see new content posted everyday. On the other hand, if users are slightly less active, without constant updates, they might login at a time when you have not posted anything and you would have missed your opportunity to get noticed.

Utilize the explore page

With great content you stand a higher chance of getting the attention you want. When this happens, you might be fortunate enough to be featured on the explore page. Tumblr sites who have made it to the explore page witness their traffic triple! Achieving this simply requires getting friends or a loyal following to recommend you to the admins of Tumblr.

Quality content

Quality means more than quantity. Though being active plays a big part in keeping in touch with an audience, this does not mean you should spam them just for the sake of getting their attention. Keep your content relevant to your brand and at the same time relatable to your following. Even if you have not met your daily quota for your social media forums, it does not mean you need to begin force-feeding visitors with meaningless posts.

Focus on your niche

There is no limit as to what people want to see on Tumblr. Some people are big on romantic quotes while others are on it for the fashion. Even though you are trying to expand your reach, you do not need to bite more than you can chew. Focus on your niche and narrow down your choices. If you intend to reach multiple communities of different interest, you might want to create two or more separate profiles that ultimately link to your brand page.

Communicate with other Tumblr users

Building connections with other likeminded individuals or brands could do your brand justice. Team up with another similar brand that is using Tumblr too. Mentioning each other on Tumblr posts would allow you to ‘steal’ an audience and following. Leaving a comment on another user's posts puts you in a better spot to be noticed directly. It might be time consuming but it will be worth it.