Link Building for SEO Should Not Be A Priority But These Should (Part 2)

Sep 22, 2015

In Part 1 of Link Building For SEO Should Not Be A Priority But These Should, it was made apparent that for a company to benefit from SEO as a technique to father their traffic figures, superiority is bestowed amongst a number of elements that form the bigger picture and not just link building on its own. Here are a few more elements to prioritize when strengthening your SEO strategy.   


Simple navigation

Site navigations should be easy enough for visitors to browse through the store with minimum effort. Google rewards sites that are able to condescend the enabling of customers to quickly search for a particular product, site information or service. Displaying links of different categories in a single navigation bar simplifies the site’s navigation system. Including an immobile search bar (usually placed on the upper right hand corner) will be helpful too. Your site should support the fastest and clearest way for visitors to get to the product they are looking for.  

A social media presence

To encourage Google to rank you higher, having a social media presences means much more than owning multiple platforms that link to your webpage online. You have to utilize these pages and be active by being involved. Yes, you should be claiming your presence on as many sites but we could not stress enough on the importance of keeping your social platforms active through regular updates. Try to build a community that is fully operational and functional through its updates and of course exclusive offers. Building contacts and connections will show Google your true worth.

Content that is useful

‘Content is king’ is an old saying we firmly stand by. From ecommerce blogs to individual product descriptions, you have to provide visitors with interesting and informative content that will be useful. Having accurate content on your site initiates higher ranking on Google search. Most ecommerce stores have products on sale for short-term periods before moving onto the next collection, so, these stores tend to neglect the products description. Detailed descriptions on every product (despite its duration on the shelves) are necessary for both potential buyers and for Google.