Help Visitors Recover Their Abandoned Shopping Cart Through ONE email

Sep 15, 2015

Not everybody who fills their cart up makes it to the end of their purchase. Sometimes, people need an extra nudge to convince them to complete their order. If your customer happens to fall out somewhere between the checkout process, failing to complete their order transaction, it is your duty to get them back on track by sending out a cart abandonment email.

Why people abandon their carts?

According to Statistia, a survey was conducted across selected countries that consisted of 19,000 consumers and 153 senior retail decision makers in 2012 to find out the reasons as to why shoppers leave without paying. These are the results of their survey:

Why are cart abandonment emails important?

1. Personalising your message

Even though the email distribution function allows you to standardize the cart abandonment email, adding and frequently tweaking the messages in it can increase the chances of the shopper returning to your store.

2. Reminds them what they left behind

It can take a bit more effort to convince the half-hearted. Some people are on the fence about completing orders and might jump off on the wrong side if they’re left to make that decision on their own. Sending out an email reminding them of the things they left behind might get them to change their minds.

3. Easy distribution of enticing current offers and discounts

The final price may have had a part to play in talking a person out of completing their order. The best way to recover such customers is to offer them incentives. Emails allow you to directly approach a customer with offers and deals. Use this platform to convince shoppers to return to their cart by persuading them with a tempting discount.

4. Positioning of direct link back to their recent abandoned cart

Some carts might have been abandoned unintentionally. The site may have crashed or the cart met its time limit and therefore, the purchase was left incomplete. This is entirely not the customers fault by choice, and without an email reminder with a direct link back to their cart, you will miss out on a sales opportunity.

How does an abandoned cart reminder work?

Ecommerce hosting platforms like Shopcada have configurable settings that allows ecommerce owners to send out cart abandon emails. This email alert will automatically be sent out after a certain hour or number of days (depending on your preference) to customers who have not completed the checkout process on your store.