Free Online Translators Could Risk Loss Of Sale Opportunities

Sep 10, 2015

The barrier of language could put you at risk of losing sales opportunities if you are solely dependant on online translators to aid your communication with potential international buyers who do not speak the same tongue as you do.

It is specifically due to the inaccuracy of these translations that taints these online sources credibility. With inaccuracy comes misleading content. Without the exact translation you will not be able to get the intended message you want across efficiently.

We have used a product description belonging to ZALORA as an example of what the product description would look like with the help of various types of online translators.

The product description is:
“Let’s head back to basics with this sweet, strappy dress from ZALORA. Featuring an overal minimal design with a delicate sheer overlay, the piece is perfect for exuding a deminure feminine vibe.”

Google Translator
When using Google Translate to convert the text from English to Japanese we get:

Then, translating the Japanese text back into English...

What was initially keyed into the translator in English did not exactly match the final results when translated back.
We did the same test on two other online translators that ranked the highest on the Google’s search page. Take a look...

Bing Translator

Other Online Translators (

None of these three online translating platforms were able to convert the content back to the original input. They all are close but not accurate. This is why when e-commerce sites decide to go Global; especially when bring a brand to a country that speaks a different language it is necessary to hire human translators instead of using the easy and cheap option -relying on free online translators. Without human translators, the user experience on your site will decrease.